• Take Gourmet Food Tours and do Korea right with a delicious and tempting gourmet day.
    Our food and cultural tours pokes around delicious districts in search of Korea's regional foods with cultural places passing by.
    We designed them with a single ideal in mind to create insightful and fun experiences for travelers who enjoy good eats.
  • Food Choices
  • Foods are carefully selected for their Deliciousness, Authenticity, Local foods.
    We always seek out to support small local businesses.
  • Market Tour

  • Market Tour provides the opportunity for visitors to learn about local lifestyle and experience one of Korea's most fascinating street food markets and traditional markets.
  • This Gourmet food tour spends time in Gwang Jang Market in Seoul which is the nation’s first market formally opened in 1905 and the largest and most famous in Seoul.
    In the area, many of the stores offer the wide selection of high quality goods at inexpensive prices and with its variety of vintage clothing shops, grocery stores and street snack stalls the marketplace is now a magnet for tourists from all around world.
    For the more adventurous eaters, these markets offer Fresh Beef Sashimi, Pork Feet, Soondae and much more!
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  • Jok bal (Pig's trotters)
  • Grilled Fish
  • Grilled Fish
  • Kim chi Jji gae ( Kim chi Stew )
  • Gal bi Jjim (Braised Short Ribs
  • Dduk bok ki (Korean Spicy Rice Cake)
  • Royal Palace Dduk Bok Ki (Korean rice cake with soy sauce and beef)
  • Sam gyup sal (Grilled Pork Strips)
  • Gal bi bbq (Short Ribs)
  • Gop chang bokkum (stir-fried or grilled intestines from cattle or pork)
  • San Namul jeong sik (San Namul means wild vegi from mountain , jeong sik means full-course meal)
  • Kko-chi bbq (meat Sticks bbq)
  • Yuk-Hui (Marinated fresh beef and fresh egg, pear, vegetables)
  • Gan jang gae jang ((fermented crabs marinated in soy sauce )
  • Bi bim Naeng Myun (Spicy Cold Noodles)
  • Jap chae (vermicelli noodles made from the starch of a white sweet potato, thinly slices of beef, and various vegetables)
  • Gal bi Jjim (Braised Short Ribs)
  • O jing eo Soon dae (Squid Sausage)
  • Hanwoo (Korean beef) meat is top quality, according to local industry experts
  • Dak Bokk eum Tang (Spicy Chicken Stew)
  • Yun po tang (Octopus, various veges with salted Anchovies soup)
  • Yuk-Hui Bi-Bim-Bap(Rice and marinated fresh beef, vegetables, topped with a fried egg, served cold with Korean chili sauce)
  • Saeng sun jeong sik (Grilled fish with full-course meal)
  • Sam gye tang (Ginseng chicken soup)
  • Young-Duk Great Crab (Crabs from the Young-duk coast of Korea)
  • Young-Duk Great crab shell (Filled with roe and crab juice, mixed rice in the shell)
  • Yu hwang ori (is a traditional Korean dish, made of duck raised with special sulfur)
  • Bin dae dduk (Korean mung bean pancakes)
  • San Nakji (live octopus)
  • San Nakji (live octopus)
  • kimbap (Made from steamed rice and various other ingredients, rolled in dried seaweed)
  • Soon dae (Pig blood Sausage)
  • Grill Cooked Shell Fish